Power of Eight

Here is brief an overview of the “Power of Eight” style of intention healing group meditation according to the research of Lynne McTaggart.

  1. Participants agree on an intention statement before the meditation. This intention statement is then focused on and repeated like a mantra for the duration of the exercise by each participants.
    • There is a certain art to crafting the best intention statement. It should be specific but not too specific, not too wordy, etc. Many people believe the more grandiose, the better.
  2. Participants listen to this Choku Rei meditation track for 10 minutes. This video ends at 10 minutes and has a counter. (Here is a link to the full 15 min track.)
    • If the meditation is being coordinated in a chatroom, it is best if everyone states they are “ready” before someone leads the countdown. “3, 2, 1, go.” Participants usually say “back” when they have completed the 10 minutes.
  3. Participants are encouraged to share their experiences in detail – if they wish. Remarkable synchronicities can often be discovered between participants visions, impressions, etc.

Here is a brief video of Lynne McTaggart explaining her method.

Here is a more in-depth discussion between Lynne McTaggart and Gordon White of the RuneSoup podcast discussing her research. Highly recommended listening.

Additional Techniques employed in our meditations.