Additional Techniques

Community Coherence

(Strongly encouraged)

Our groups have begun practicing what we’ll call “community coherence” visualization. This involves two things.

  1. Visualizing a sphere or bubble or dome of protection/resonance that surrounds everyone who’s joining you in meditation. The size and shape of the sphere does not matter.
  2. Visualizing the others in your meditation group in your “astral” presence, i.e. holding the presence of each other person in your group in your mind as you practice. You could all by lying, sitting, standing – in a circle, a line, or some other formation – it doesn’t matter.

What these two practices are helping us do is strengthen group coherence as well as simply remind us we are in a group exercise. The more people partake in this particular exercise, the better.

Fire and Water


  1. Have a candle lit during your meditation. You can set your intention by speaking it out loud as you light your candle. It helps be in a dark of a room as possible, with or without the candle.
  2. Have a small glass of water with you. Water is a placeholder for intention and will be restructured according to the intention you hold during the meditation. The water can be consumed afterwards as a form of prasad or communion. The water can also be offered back to the land or at your altar, in full or in part.