Praying In The Heart

an interfaith prayer project

Prayers, positive thoughts, good vibes…


We believe it doesn’t matter what you call it. What matters is that we believe in the power of intention to heal, to cause blessings, and to cause miracles.


We are a prayer group that receives prayer requests from all over the world, everyday.


To join us in brightening the world together, click the button below. To submit a request, use the form just below the button.

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How do we see who to pray for?

Prayer requests from this site are sent directly to our Telegram group everyday. We are also working on a weekly email service containing prayer requests from throughout the week.

About Praying In The Heart

Praying In The Heart is a donation-based, global prayer project that was started by Conner Kees and Laura Rose Gage in 2020 as part of their ongoing interfaith ministry.

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